Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 113 - 25th Apr 2010

(Lest We Forget - Anzac day)

Miles loves Kayla's pram, so much so that he has used it more than she has. Well Kayla wanted a turn, and well the picture explains it all.

Processed it in black and white for a more dramatic effect.

Day 112 - 24th Apr 2010

The one and only shot I took for the day.

At least I took a photo.

Day 111 - 23rd Apr 2010

this photo is not the best shot in the entire world. The focus point didn't fall where I expected it too, but I had to show the shot as this is how Kayla had put her head band on! very 70esk!

day 110 - 22nd Apr 2010

Something off beat. It's one of the kids toys. I actually took it to the door way of the 'real' front (fake back) door to get more natural light.

I love the composition, and found that it worked better in black and white

Day 109 - 21st Apr 2010

We were all playing outside and was taking photo's of Kayla as I seem to have a lot of photo's of Miles on here, but not the same amount of Kayla.

I love the warm glow of the setting sun on her face. Looks like she needs another hair cut though. I'm trying to grow out her fringe, cause she looks way better without a fringe.

Day 108 - 20th Apr 2010

I was outside getting the clothes off the line as it was just about to rain. I looked up and I saw a heart in the clouds. I quickly raced inside to grab the camera. By then the heart shape had changed... to this

it still sort of looks like a heart though.

Day 107 - 19th Apr 2010

We were at the playground again. Kayla was having a ball, but she had dirt all over her face. I had to prove to her that she had dirt on her face so we could go clean it. That's when I took this shot, I wasn't looking through the view finder and I didn't check the exposure, but I really like this shot.

Day 106 - 18th Apr 2010

We had gone to the park for a play.

A family and some kids had a football, and let kayla have a kick and a play. She Loved it.

My dad on the other hand was like "what's she doing with a Geelong footy?" So he is getting a WCE foot for her.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 105 - 17th Apr 2010

We live right across from one of the primary schools in town. We are constantly over there (at least 5 times a week), and well some of the door ways make for really good photography locations.

I took quite a few photo's, but for something different I would post a unconventional cropped shot.

Day 104 - 16th Apr 2010

I must write down the name of this plant the next time I'm at my mother in law's house. I just love it! I love the texture, the colour, how it grows, it's just one funky plant.

Day 103 - 15th Apr 2010

I hope you don't get too scared!

Because it's a self portrait.

Was trying to get my new haircut shot. Doesn't even look like I had it cut. It needed a cut though, but I'm going to grow it out... but now that I have said that I bet my hair will get shorter and shorter :p

Day 102 - 14th Apr 2010

This was the only photo I took this day.

It's not the best shot in the entire world. The focus is on the wrong spot. If it were on the right spot then it might have turned out better. I do like the composition though.

Day 101 - 13th Apr 2010

Master Miles is such a independent. He DID NOT want his chicken off the kebab (there is some on the plate), he had to have it off the stick. You can see where he is cowing down.

Day 100 - 12th Apr 2010

Normally when we come home from Melbourne we don't got through the city. But because I went to Ikea, it's actually quicker to go through the city (it was like lunch time, so it wasn't peak hour), than to go the way I normally go.

This Image is the Custom's Building at Docklands. I was at a set of traffic lights, rolled down the window and just snapped this photo. I love the contrast of the colours, and the lines.

Day 99 - 11th Apr 2010

Kayla loves to paint and draw.

These crayola paints are awesome. I must get myself some.

Day 98 - 10th Apr 2010

We went down to Melbourne to visit some friends.

Caught up with my fav twin girls.

This is Jasmine

she loves the camera, and she has beautiful eyes.

Day 97 - 9th April 2010

I could hear the kids playing down the other end of the house. So I grabbed my camera and sneakily went to their bedroom to see what they were up to.

This is how I found them.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 96 - 8th Apr 2010

Took Miles to the park (as Kayla was in Day Care). He had a great time.

Can't you tell?

Day 95 - 7th Apr 2010

A sort of self portrait.... it's my shoes, on my feet.

Something different at least

Day 94 - 6th Apr 2010

Food... and this was dinner... the only 1/2 decent shot

Day 93 - 5th Apr 2010

My sister had come to visit for Easter. She was about to head home, so I thought I would get some photo's of her and the kids. Miles was in one of his moods, and he did not want to participate. So I captured Ximena and Kayla instead. Kayla loves E (what she calls her Aunty), and in this photo you can tell.

Bonus image

went to the playground at the school and the kids were having fun with the drinking fountains.

Day 92 - 4th Apr 2010

We were at the school playground. Miles was walking and crawling around and having a good time. I captured this photo of him, I love how his face has found the light.

Day 91 - 3rd Apr 2010

Park day again, Kayla loves this park, she is forever asking to go there.

And for once she asked me to take a photo of her, hence why I have such a wonderful smile.

Day 90 - 2nd Apr 2010

Went to the playground. Someone was having a party, we didn't gate crash it, but the kids had a great time.

I just love the look on Miles face.

And it was cold.

Day 89 - 1st Apr 2010

April Fools Day!

Ok well Miles and I were playing outside with the sand pit (he loves the sand pit).

I took this shot, and it was way overexposed but I just really like it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 88 - 31st Mar 2010

I was fooling around with the camera. Wasn't looking through the view finder, didn't even bother with exposure, just point and shoot, but I really like how it turned out.

This is the kitchen window looking out into our backyard.

Day 87 - 30th Mar 2010

The supermarket here (safeway/woolworths) is doing major renovations.

Hence this photo.

this was the car park. It now is, and still is a big pile of dirt/clay/mud.

Day 86 - 29th Mar 2010

We were visiting Horsham and we also come to this park as the main park section is undercover and there are lots to things to play with.

Captured the kids having a moment together.

Day 85 - 28th Mar 2010

Was taking photo's of the kids in the bath, there were some really good ones, but I love how this one came out. The shutter speed was on the slow side 1/60 and Miles moved his hand just as the shutter was closing, so it has this real ghosting effect. But I love the bokeh as well.

Day 84 - 27th Mar 2010

My friend Andrea requested a camera bag insert from me.

So I made her one, and that's the image of the day, as I didn't take any other photo's :p

If you want to check out her 365 project do so here

If you want to order an insert, then please visit me at MiCreations

Day 83 - 26th Mar 2010

We had gone to Ballarat for the day to do some shopping. In Bridge St Mall they have a playground for the kids (it's seriously so boring, it's just stairs and slides, but the kids love it). Well Kayla and Miles were both enjoying. Miles loved climbing up the slide, and then sliding down on his belly to the bottom.
Hence why the image for the day is a storyboard.