Saturday, July 30, 2011


It's been quite the last few weeks, with winter and all, but I still have been working hard.  I have decided to have a SALE.  Now everyone loves a good sale.
I have had a lot of clients tell me they love their photo's and would love to get more, so I figured this would be a good way for clients to get more for less.
I've gone over all the photo's, and found some that I didn't include in galleries, so I have put them in there.

Now of course there are terms and conditions regarding the sale, so here is my flyer:

You can also download it HERE

I figured this will also be a good way to get prints as gifts, because prints make excellent presents, especially with Christmas not all that far away. 

Get up to 50% off
Prints & Discs

Terms & Conditions

·         Minimum Order $50
·         Discount is progressive on Edited Images
Orders over $50 get 10% off
Orders over $100 get 20% off
Orders over $200 get 30% off
Orders over $350 get 40% off
Orders Over $500 get 50% off
·         All unedited images get 25% off
·         A $5 per image processing fee applies to have any 'unedited images' edited.
·         Orders will only be accepted via the shopping cart from the website
·         There is NO discount on postage
·         Galleries will be open from 9am 8th August 2011
·         Orders placed before this date will not be receive a discount
·         All orders must be placed by 5pm 19th August 2011
·         All orders MUST be paid for by 2pm on 24th August 2011
·         Sale only applies to customers who placed orders from October 2010 to June 2011
·         Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Week 28

w28 by LoveMicreations
w28, a photo by LoveMicreations on Flickr.

I'm not too sure about this particular shot, but it was the only decent shot I took of the week. It's a tree at the playground of Cato Park.

Either way, Enjoy


Week 27

w27 by LoveMicreations
w27, a photo by LoveMicreations on Flickr.

A building on Burke St, somewhere in Melbourne. I couldn't tell you the exact location.
I just love the abstractness of it. I love the reflection of the mirror windows, and black and white gives it more of a pop



Week 26

w26 by LoveMicreations
w26, a photo by LoveMicreations on Flickr.

We were over at my Mother In Law's house. Her partner was washing the hot rod, I just love how Kayla is standing there "i'm so pretty", yes you are sweety, yes you are.



Monday, July 18, 2011

What I take on holidays - IHF Props

 -What I take on holidays by LoveMicreations
What I take on holidays, a photo by LoveMicreations on Flickr.
This is my son Miles. As you can see he is screaming. However it is a happy scream, not a 'omg get me out of here' scream. What he was screaming about, I could not tell you.

I had set up my new continuous lights which I had just purchased, and I was also wanting to test out my new backdrop.
I love both my new lights (,au), and my new backdrop (vinyl from spotlight $9.95 p/m).

This particular suitcase I picked up at the local op shop. I stained it a darker brown, I need to stain it again however.
I love this particular prop as it's fun to use, and kids seem to like it too.



Monday, July 11, 2011

Week 25

w25 by LoveMicreations
w25, a photo by LoveMicreations on Flickr.

I processed this image with an urban feel to it (on purpose).
The kids and I were posting a letter. They are forever fighting over posting mail (so I have to make sure I have 2 things to post, one for each).
This letter box has seen better days, it's a bit battered on bruised.



week 24

week 24 by LoveMicreations
week 24, a photo by LoveMicreations on Flickr.

I've gotten a bit behind with my posting, so you will get a couple of weeks worth.

This shot was taken on 16th June and it's of my 2 kiddies. We were having a break from playing and having a snack. So yes that is food on Miles chin (typical boy).
I just love this shot though, it's so very them.