Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 146 - 28th May 2010

yay yesterday's photo! I did it! a Posted a months worth of photo's!

Day 145 - 27th May 2010

Side Self portrait... need i say more

Day 144 - 26th May 2010

It was the only puddle to jump in. Sure it was small, but omg did they have fun.

Day 143 - 25th May 2010

My beautiful lil girl.

Who has a smile to warm your heart!

Day 142 - 24th May 2010

Made this for a client

go to MiCreations Website or Blog if you want to order anything

Day 141 - 23rd May 2010

At the school again. Processed in mono for a dramatic effect.

Day 140 - 22nd May 2010

Kayla loves playing with the old baby bath. I now use it as a laundry basket.

She is forever taking it and playing with it. Now Miles has come to like it too.

Captured them in 'the boat'

Day 139 - 21st May 2010

The noise is terrible. It's so grainy, and to think it's only an iso of 400!

yes... another only one I shot for the day.

Day 138 - 20th May 2010

Was going through the car wash, ended up with an interesting effect.

Day 136 - 18th May 2010

Ok this is the Real front door, but no one comes to this door, so in reality it's the back door.

Goes well with day 21, you can view it here (the real back door, but in reality it's the front door)

Day 135 - 17th May 2010

Do you remember day 72?

If you don't I will wait why you go check it out here

Well it flowers!

Here it is in bloom.

Day 134 - 16th May 2010

Another 'only one i shot for the day'

I don't remember where we were going.

Day 133 - 15th May 2010

I have no idea why Miles has a stick in his mouth, but he thought it was pretty cool. I just laughed (as I'm sure you will too).
We were in the sand pit at the school.

Now you know how some people make angels in the snow. Well Miles was making angels in the sand. Let me tell you that was one seriously dirty bath.

Day 131 - 15th May 2010

Day 131 is 13th May 2010

Day 133 is 15th May 2010

this shot was taken on day 133 - 15th May 2010, but I'm adding it to day 131 to make up for what I lost.

Day 132 - 14th May 2010

I woke up in the middle of the night and realised 'crap i forgot to take a photo, crap it's already tomorrow so it's not like I can grab the camera and take a random photo now'.

So here is day 132

Kayla 1st thing in the morning (ok well getting out of her pj's).

Day 130 - 12th May 2010

Only shot I took for the day so it's not the best.

Day 129 - 11th May 2010

I have no idea what miles was checking out on the wall, but I just like the composition of it.

Day 128 - 10th May 2010

Kayla having fun on the trampoline

Day 127 - 9th May 2010

The school is a great place to get backgrounds. I mean they have cream walls and blue doors, and they always look good. I processed this one in black and white for a more dramatic feel.

Day 126 - 8th May 2010

Cheese mum

Day 125 - 7th May 2010

Ok so I cut off pretty much all our heads. I mean you can only see the top of mine, but still it's a family portrait.

Day 124 - 6th May 2010

Mum I'm trying to eat here.

Day 123 - 5th May 2010

Miles you are sitting the wrong way if you want to paint.

Day 122 - 4rd May 2010

It had been raining all day, and we had been inside all day. It was one of those really wintery days.

Well the rain had finally stopped, and it was actually sunny. Mind you it was nearly 5pm.

We all got our bum boots on and walked over to the school to jump in puddles.

Captured this moment of the kids. I just adore this photo.

Day 121 - 3rd May 2010

Kayla saying cheese. We were headed off to the play gym.

Day 120 - 2nd May 2010

From here on end all photo's are taken with my old camera. The fujifilm s5600, which don't get me wrong is a good camera, if you aren't a photographer.

So here is a photo of my beloved d90, with the shutter stuck.

Day 119 - 1st May 2010

We were walking home and we walked past the caretakers office (for the deceased). I really like how the vines have grown on the wall, looked good against the blue sky.

Day 118 - 30th April 2010

Unlike Kayla, Miles loves the swing. Seriously he could stay in there all day. The fast and higher the better.

Day 117 - 29th April 2010

This was the only photo I took for the day, so it's not like I had a lot of choice.

Day 116 - 28th April 2010

I had the marco lens on the camera and was taking some photo's of still life (banana's) when Kayla asked to have her photo taken.

Day 115 - 27th April 2010

There are 2 things about this photo I really like.

1. How Miles is looking so intensely at the brush.
2. How Kayla is holding the Lego block with her feet.

Day 114 - 26th April 2010

My sister had come to visit for the weekend.

We were all saying goodbye and I captured this special moment with Kayla kissing Miles.


I'm behind. So very very very behind.

I didn't mean to get behind. It just happened.

A Lot of drama's have been happening. Once of those dramas was that be one beloved material item, my nikon d90 broke. It's in for repairs. It's taking ages. I'm still waiting on GIO to tell me if it will be covered or not.

So in the mean time I have been using the old camera, which is Kayla's camera. She still takes photo's with the camera too, so I have to separate her and my photo's (when she does take photo's that is).
Don't get me wrong my old camera is/was a great camera, but it has nothing on my d90. It shoots raw (the fuji), which is a yay! But it's so very slow that I miss out on some great shots cause it takes forever to save data in between shots. Trying to shoot manual on the fuji is also extremely painful. I shot RAW for a while, but essentially gave up with it as it was just too painful.

So considering I have to work with mediocre equipment, I have to say I have done pretty well to only miss 1 more day!
So ll up my 365 project is 363, but hey missing 2 days is nothing in comparison.