Thursday, March 31, 2011

Miss L - Smash Cake

Miss L - Smash Cake by LoveMicreations
Miss L - Smash Cake, a photo by LoveMicreations on Flickr.

Besides forgetting part of my lighting kit (doh!), I had and Miss L had lots of fun with this smash cake session.
Miss L has these amazing eyelashes! I mean wow, incredible, I wish I had eyelashes like that.
She was very cute, and thoroughly enjoyed the cake.

H Family

H Family by LoveMicreations
H Family, a photo by LoveMicreations on Flickr.

Who knew boobies and boogers could be such a laugh! Master J loved it. It helped him to relax and most importantly have fun.
Miss K was just adorable, 4 weeks young, and just adorable.

week 14 - random

week 14 - random by LoveMicreations
week 14 - random, a photo by LoveMicreations on Flickr.

I purchased some new photoshop actions during the week (MCP & Forabella), and I have been playing with the actions all week, and I'm in love.

This photo was pure luck. I had the camera out to see if I could complete a JustMommie Challenge. That didn't end up happening, but I did capture (what i think) this fantastic photo of my daughter Kayla.
I just adore how the wind has flown out her hair like that. I processed this win my new actions too, I just love how it has come out, it's just so yummy!

Oh and i'm fully aware week 2 in the month of april will be Kayla again, but that's what having a random week is all about, it can be anything, and this time around it's my Kayla.

w13 - macro

w13 - macro by LoveMicreations
w13 - macro, a photo by LoveMicreations on Flickr.

It feels like ages since I have posted something. And technically it has been over 7 days since week 12's image was taken (on the 15th March), to week 13's image (taken on 25th March. But my week's are from Saturday to Saturday. It wasn't until the the Friday before the end of the week (14th of March), that I realised that I had not taken my weekly shot!

So Here it is. A kiwi fruit. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Week 12 - Project 52

I had this idea for a self portrait a few weeks ago, but of course couldn't do it until this week. 

If it's not raining during the night time I will do a load of washing and hang it up at night time to dry (as i said weather pending). 

Well I was hanging up towels, hence the movement. But I thought it would also be fun with sparklers. The exposure is only 30 seconds, the only light was that from my sparkler, the moon, and a street light about 30 meters away. Only a bit of pp'ing. 

I'm aware that i cut off the top of the 'circle', but I like it all the same. 

And yes I had to write backwards, but i'm a pro at that 

Week 11 - Project 52

I actually had 2 images for week 11.  I wanted to do something different for Kayla.  So I did feet. But the more I look at it the more I don't really like it.
I will show it anyway.

I'm not liking the focus, and the post processing, and I don't think the wood panelling works. The other image I had, which at the time I didn't like as much as this one is:

Kayla had a hard time getting the 4 (for her age), but I really like the dof, and her face still has enough detail. So this image is the official week 11 image.

Week 10 - Project 52

Wow I'm a bit behind.  I didn't mean for that to happen. I thought I had posted them but then I realised that I only posted them on the AP website.

So here is week 10 - Miles.

click to make bigger

I used this image to write my own action. I learnt a lot with photoshop, but it's a good way to learn. I took elements from my favourite actions (written by other people), and wrote them into my own action. So I need to credit the pioneer woman and the coffeeshop blog for inspiration. 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

O Family

Mrs T, is my hairdresser (she always have funky hair that I love), she knew I did photography but decided to book me for a family session after seeing some photo's I took from one of her friends (love client referrals, so keep them coming).
This shoot got rescheduled a couple of times. The first time was because Miles was sick (he had gastro), and I didn't want to make anyone else sick. Well it ended up on the day of the shoot I felt like crap too, so it's just as well we rescheduled. The next time, was because my stupid diary had labour day on the wrong day! It had it listed down as the 7th, rather than the 14th! I think those people over in diary land need to get their facts straight, cause this isn't the first time something has happened like that.  I have seen a calendar (one printed by a school too mind you), that had Australia Day listed as the 25th January!
Anyway, so the 5th of March is the day we had our photoshoot. It was such a fantastic autumn day. I think we are going to have a better autumn than we have had a summer. Drove out to their house for a location shoot, and had a great time, it was relaxed, which is exactly what you want.

Miss J and Master L were a pleasure to photograph too. I got all my editing done too! I had no kids to distract me! I was on a roll.

I hope Mrs T and the O Family enjoy the shots I created for them.

T Family Sneak Peak

O the 26th February, I had the pleasure of photographing the T Family, in a wonderful garden over in Ararat.
This garden was in bloom! Wow were there lots of colours.

I had fun shooting this family. And thank goodness for my giggle pets, and bubbles, what kid doesn't like bubbles! I like how the bubbles made a feature in one of the shots too, gives it this burst of colour that I really like.