Friday, April 27, 2012

Who will you choose

Everyone loves photo's.  Not all of us however pay someone else to take photo's for us.  Now it's your decision who you choose to capture those special moments in your life.  But I would hate for you to pick a photographer and get inferior images.
Yes anyone can take a photo, and there are a few photographers out there that call themselves photographers, but are from it.  Most of the time it comes down to you as the client.  Some people go to these 'wannabe' photographers and are happy with the images that they receive because they are bias and love the subject (their own family), and they didn't taken the images themselves. Another huge factor is price.  You might say to yourself "Why should I fork out $150 for a session and only get 5 prints, when I can go to XXX and have a session for $80 and get the whole session on disc".  Well again it's up to you.  But if it were me it comes down to quality.
For example, say you have to redo your roof, and builder AAA gives you a quote for the job and it's $1000, and no guarantee.  You also get a quote from builder BBB.  He charges you $5000 for the work, but has a 10 year guarantee.   Who would you go for.  Yeah build AAA is a lot cheaper, but if it were me, I'd rather pay more, and pay for quality.
So at the end of the day it's up to you, I would like my work to speak for itself.  It's your decision, but I hope you choose me as your photographer to create those special memories, because we all know that memories last a lifetime.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Website Down, but not for long

Today I was suppose to have a photography session, however the little girl (who shares the same name as me :D ) is not feeling well :( so we have had to reschedule.
This has cause me to have some free time to catch up doing boring business stuff.  That really has to get done.  Well It's just as well because if I left it later you would have found that you would not be able to access my website at all.
My domain runs out tomorrow (it's renewed now), opps.  The reason I didn't get a renewal was because I forgot I signed up with an account I don't use any more.  Needless to say I'm having all my emails forwarded now, and in a few months time, this email will be closed.
I'm also changing over my web hosting. So if you suddenly find you can't get access to my website, never fear it is just a minor hiccup and will be up and running in 24-48hrs.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Boy

17Apr2012_1758 by LoveMicreations
17Apr2012_1758, a photo by LoveMicreations on Flickr.

Well my 30 day challenge did not last long... opps. Oh well these things happen. I was just simply not motivated.
I did however realise that I have taken photo's in a while. I do have some sessions lined up which is good, but in the mean time I will use my kids as my subjects. That and I hadn't gotten a decent photo of my kiddies in a while.
Well while my daughter was a school had some one on one time with my boy, so we went for a walk. He loves having a car or a train with him, snap up this shot of him playing with one of his racing cars.

I <3 my boy.


Camera Bag

Camer Bag by LoveMicreations
Camer Bag, a photo by LoveMicreations on Flickr.

This is a pretty crappy photo, because well it's taken with my mobile. The point is to show you my camera bag.
Ok so it's not exactly a bag. It's a beauty case. I bought it ages ago, and I did make a big insert for it. I found this insert not suitable for this bag, so I started to make it again. Well Lets just say that I dumped that Idea when I made a mistake making it twice.
Well the other day I had this idea of using my small inserts in there. Well last night as I was cleaning up (as I was trying to find my ipod so I could go for a walk), I got out my camera gear (as I was also putting it away), and thought I would try it. And well it works. The one in the middle I have had for a while, and used heaps. The pink one on the left, and the blue one on the right I made a long time ago to sell, but they never sold, so I figured if no one is going to buy them I might as well put them to good use. And well all 3 fit perfect in there, so they are all mine now :D.
The other advantage is that I can just take out one insert and put it in another bag straight away (that was the whole point of me making them, that they could be interchangeable). Ok so the colours don't exactly match, but such is life, it does the job.
And yes that's my gear in there, hence why I had to take a photo with my phone.

If you would like an insert, please contact me at