Friday, April 29, 2011

Miss T - Sneak Peak

miss t sp by LoveMicreations
miss t sp, a photo by LoveMicreations on Flickr.

MIss T is 7 weeks new, and oh so very tiny! She only just around 8lbs, but still oh so adorable.

I love photographing newborns, and Miss T although unsettled at times was still a cutie regardless.

I normally don't do sneak peaks in just black and white, but I thought why not.


xx Matilda

Master K - Sneak Peak

master k sp by LoveMicreations
master k sp, a photo by LoveMicreations on Flickr.

Second shoot for the week was the delightful 4 month old Master K.

He was a talker, and just so happy go lucky and carefree, and LOVED the camera. This little boy is such a poser! Made my job so easy that's for sure.

So hard to pick a few images for the sneak peak as there were so many that I loved. Just had to show the 'novelty' dummy though.

Thanks for looking

xx - Matilda

Thursday, April 28, 2011

C Family

cfam sp by LoveMicreations
cfam sp, a photo by LoveMicreations on Flickr.

This was two sessions back to back.
We did the family 1st, with all the kids. This Session was tough cause it was either the girls were grumpy, or one of the boys where pulling a face, but we got there in the end.

Then it was the cake smash. Miss J wasn't really into the cake, she tasted the icing a bit and then after 5 minutes she was done. Miss G had more of a go with it and either way they did enjoy it.

B Family Sneak Peak

blake sp by LoveMicreations
blake sp, a photo by LoveMicreations on Flickr.

Up here in Stawell we have been having some fantastic weather, especially considering it's suppose to be the middle of Autumn.

This week has also proven to be an extremely busy week with 5 shoots in 3 days.

The 1st shoot for the week was the B Family out on their family home.
Master D was a bit overwhelmed and had his grumpy pants on, but we still managed to have a good time.

So enjoy the sneak peak.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

week 17

week 17 by LoveMicreations
week 17, a photo by LoveMicreations on Flickr.

The 3 of us. It's very rare for me to get a family picture of just the three of us. 1 because i'm behind the camera, not in front of it, 2 it's seriously hard to take a family photo on your own (even a tripod is a pain in the bum. and 3, not everyone is happy to take a photo. Ok so Kayla and Miles are looking off to the left (at my parents), but they have smiles on their faces, and that's the main bit.
At least you know what I look like.

I set this photo up, my sister pressed the trigger.

Week 16

Kayla by LoveMicreations
Kayla, a photo by LoveMicreations on Flickr.

Kayla looks so much older than 4 in this photo. I just love her eyes, processed it in black and white (MCP brownie sundae), to give it more depth emotionally.

Week 15

Week 15 by LoveMicreations
Week 15, a photo by LoveMicreations on Flickr.

I'm a bit behind with my project. So here is week 15.

I've also decided to scrap my themes. 1 because I stuffed up and got one of them out of order and 2, there were photo's that I loved, but didn't fit the theme, and I rather put a shot that I love (hang on the wall type), than something mediocre.

This photo is of Ivy on the mortians wall. I love the texture. Processed with MCP actions to give it a real autumn feel to it.