Saturday, January 30, 2010

All crap!

Went to Halls Gap (in the Grampians) this morning, took some photo's. Around 50. Mostly of the kids. And well all of them are crap! No seriously they are all rubbish! I kidding myself that I have talent... talent shmalent!

I also need my new glasses! (i haven't paid them off yet) Because I had a wonderful macro shot, for today's challenge, and well it's not in focus! It appeared in focus to me.

So off I go outside to find something aussie... just as well there is a paper bark tree over the road.

Day 29 - 29th Jan 2010

Went over to my MIL(Val) house she has a native garden. So lots of things to photograph. It was windy though, and I mean windy! So it was hard to hold the camera, focus and hold the subject to keep it still. I had to use my archery instincts and wait for the wind to die down. In hindsight I should have used my tripod. Stupid stupid stupid me! So the images that I thought were awesome worked out all yuck. Once I figured out my iso problem as well I noticed that when I would put the light metre on the right exposure, it would over exposure it. So I had to manually underexpose it so it didn't look washed out.
Overall this one ended being the best out of the bunch. I still had to sharpen it, Oh well I learned from my mistakes. Learned a lot that's for sure.

Kangaroo Paw

And a bonus one. It's an Australia native plant, but I can't remember the name of it.

I like it, but it's noisy, the iso was 1800. I had it set to 200, and I checked it, but it went to 1800. Needless to say I changed the iso off auto and left it at 200. I'm learning new things about my camera everyday, and my lens too for that matter.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 28 - 28th Jan 2010

Well today I made ANZAC cookies to go along with my Australia Week theme.

Now for those of you who live overseas you may be thinking 'What the hell is an ANZAC cookie'.

Well let me give you some background. ANZAC stands for 'Australia and NEW Zealand Army Corps', which was established in World War 1.

Loved ones of the ANZAC's wanted to send care packages, but being that things had to go via boat they didn't want things to spoil. So 'Anzac' cookies were created. They are made using rolled oats, flour, coconut (i don't put these in mine, but it is an option), sugar, butter, golden syrup, bicarbonate of soda and boiling water. Learn more here

There are a zillion recipes out there for anzac cookies. I got my recipe from my high school cook book (yes I still have it, the book is about 15 years old now!).

I will share the recipe later. So here is the image.
I used my light tent again with my macro lens. I love them both :D


I've been fooling around with hdr actions. I would tell you where I got the hdr action, but I don't remember! It was a freebie, and I'm sure I'll find it in my delicious account, cause knowing me I'll want more freebies.

Anyway I wanted to fool around with some photo's from our honeymoon, but they are on my external, and I don't have access to it at the moment. So I'll just have to fool around with the one I saved on my computer.



I need to clone out the white glare on the water, but I'll do that when I have the bigger image.

Day 27 - 27th Jan 2010

What's more Australian than an Eucalyptus tree!

So that's what day 27 image is. Didn't have to walk far to find one (the primary school across the road, which we are there everyday has one).

Processed it as a HDR

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 26 - 26th Jan 2010

Australia Day!

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!

I've been thinking of all things Australian. I have lots of things in mind so I have been shooting lots of different things just in case some things don't work out.

I had finished shooting for the day, when I realised that the primary school across the road has an Australia flag. I thought well it's appropriate, so off I went and took a photo of it. It was a bit windy too (which is what you want with a flag). I only had to tag a few, and this is what I got.

Happy Australia Day all!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 25 - 25th Jan 2010

Was stuck for a theme this week, so I put it out there on facebook. My lovely dad suggested Australia Week. So I thought, what the hell. I have a list of things that I can photgraph, most of which I get to use my light tent, which I got to use for the 1st time today. I love it. I used it outside as it was so sunny I figured best to use natural light.

So here is today's image.

You're not Aussie if you don't have Vegemite in the pantry.

Day 24 - 24th Jan 2010

I'm still trying out how to do a 'panel' pano. I haven't quite figured it out, although I know the steps in photoshop. So my pano was going to be photo of the day (well really 3 photos stitched together), but it's crap.

see... told you it was crap. I still have to work on the blending, exposure, and stitching etc.

So instead here is one of Kayla. I love the sunlight glow, gave it a sepia treatment.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 23 - 23rd Jan 2010

Another day of not taking many photo's. I have had my sister come to visit so we have been having fun together.

Last night we missed the opportunity to take some really cool photo's of the sky. The moon was red! It was read because of a bush fire out near Rose's Gap.
We went up to big hill at about 10pm last night, but every man and his dog was out there. There were about 50 cars and 100 people, all doing what we wanted to do, take a photo.
So we ended up coming home, but at least we got to see it, but alas no photo.

So tonight I decided to get the tripod out (I handily left it at the front door), and walked down to the corner (yes we are on a corner, but another corner, as this street is busier), and set up the camera. Put the camera on bulb (suxs having to hold the release, need a shutter release, might have to look into getting that set up) and then just waited. Ok so I counted and waited.

I've never taken a 2 minute photo before. The longest exposure I have ever taken has been about 20 seconds. Also I have never taken a long exposure in colour! It's always been black and white.

So this is why today's image is in sepia (just do be different lol).

I had loads of fun, and I will be doing 'bulb' photos again that's for sure!

Day 22 - 22nd Jan 2010

I didn't end up taking a lot of photos. I think about 10.

This one was the best out of the bunch, but it wasn't well exposed. My own fault really.

But here is a self portrait with a seventies feel.

Photobucket on firefox is gone to being spazzy again. I have had to open up ie, just to use photobucket.

So here is the image.


I'm having major drama's with photobucket. I try to upload a photo there and it tells me it's done, but it's clearly isn't. So Until that's fixed. I wont be able to show you my project 365. Doesn't mean i'm not doing it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 21 - 21st Jan 2010

Today's image is that of my 'front'/back door. I say front door, cause everyone comes to this door, but it really is the back door. If you know my house and the way it's positioned on the block you'd understand.

Something different. I like the lines, and the differences in the colours.

and in mono

Day 20 - 20th Jan 2010

We were walking along Sloane Street coming from the Library, going to the playground. Started to walk pass the SES building. When I stopped to take a photo of it.

It was such a sunny day and I thought that it would do well with the lines of contrast.

and in mono

Road Trip - 03.01.10

Today is a very special day. As it's Miles' 1st birthday. See 'Today is is one' thread as well.

Just having banana for breakfast. Don't see what all the fuss is about really.

Opening Presents! Kayla loves opening presents. She wanted to help.

Playing with pressies.

How cool is my car!

Singing Happy birthday

And the cake

We then went to a play centre not far from my parents house. Not a very good play centre for kids Miles' age, not much to play with.
Still he had lots of fun.

Road Trip - 02.01.10

Another hot and humid day in Brisbane. Didn't have anything planned, but Kayla was getting bored, so we decided to go to a playground near Chermisde shopping centre. It's a very cool playground that was build by the community for the community. It's designed for all different ages and it shows.

Going up the balance ladder

Swinging on the monkey bars

Checking out what is up there.
Yes I'm aware her hair is very wild. It doesn't matter how much I brush it or wash it (it can go 3 weeks without a wash too), it just goes wild. the only thing I can do to stop it going like that is to tie her hair back which she doesn't really like, but I just tell her I have to wash her hair and that makes her have it back. Kayla hates having her hair washed. Why? It hurts her eyes.
But her hair does make for interesting photo's as it gives it a glow.

When we got home and had a bit of a clean up, Kayla helped her Abuela (my mum) to make empanadas. Yum empanadas! Kayla loves to help cook and clean.

And where was Miles? Where else but the stairs of course.

Now for some photo's of the family having quite time.

Miles is happy, can't you tell he is clapping. Or maybe that's because he is getting time with his Aunty E.

Time with daddy

Adam aka Daddy

Just chilling

Road Trip - 01.01.10

The 1st day of the new year!

We drove to the Gold Coast. I don't remember the name of the beach now (not without looking it up, which I will do later).

Kayla fell asleep on the way there.

God love her

Miles was having a good old time.

We got to the beach and changed into our swimmers. I told Kayla that if she was in distress in the water to wave her hands up in the air.

"like this mum?"

Miles absolutely loved the beach! He had a great time, crawling around everywhere and having a sticky beak. Kayla didn't like it so much. She didn't like the big waves.

Can you clap your hands?

Eating and drinking the beach, that's how much he loved it.

Road Trip - 31.12.09

Last day of the year!

When we went to the train station to go to Aquativity, Kayla saw a poster advertising Thomas the Tank Engine at the Ipswich Railway Museum. It's only on one time a year, so we figured while we were in Brisbane we would go.

I contacted my friend Andrea who lives in Jondaryan, and she was all for catching up. So Andrea and her lil boy Asher, myself, Kayla, Miles and Ximena went to the Ipswich Railway Museum.

Kayla looking cool in her Dora sunglasses. And Asher. He is so cute, but so tiny compared to Kayla!

Kayla, Asher, Ximena and Andrea riding in the train. Kayla was enjoying it until the train started to do all these curves and then she started freaking out.

On Thomas the Tank jumping castle... well it's not really a castle, more jumping tank.

This is my fav one. By the way, I didn't teach her to jump/land like this. But everytime i see it makes me laugh.

We were at the museum for a couple of hours. We properly only got to see about half of it. We discovered and indoor play centre with all these train tracks, and Kayla did not want to leave there. We were in that room for over an hour!

If we are ever back there I would like to go again, as there is more to the museum than what we saw