Sunday, August 5, 2012

science exeriment

science exeriment by LoveMicreations
science exeriment, a photo by LoveMicreations on Flickr.

Ok winter means little to no sessions because it's just way too cold. Fair enough, but what is one to do to get the creative juices flowing? Have some fun of course.

So today we taught the kids about Volcano's! As you can see from the image, they totally loved it. Got it on video as well, so will have to make up a small video of their reactions.

I'm totally loving the milk hazes at the moment, so enjoy these as much as I do.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

30 Days of My Kids - Day 30

30Jun2012_3847-1 by LoveMicreations
30Jun2012_3847-1, a photo by LoveMicreations on Flickr.

Wow 30 days, it's finally here... ok well been and gone.
I must say I have really enjoyed this little project and would like to do it again, but I think I might try it in spring. Might do it as a seasonal thing.

Well this shot ended up being a JPEG file and not RAW! I have no idea how that happened. Must have had the camera on when I was pushing buttons and didn't notice that I changed the settings.

Either way, I'm still able to edit.

We were up at Safeway... er Woolies. She the thing is I grew up knowing it as Woolies for the 1st 9 years of my life. Then we moved to Melbourne, and well there it was known as Safeway. So I then grew up knowing it as Safeway, and now it's back to woolies.... it gets confusing.
Anyway, so we we up at Woolies. We walked up there, Miles is on his trike, you can't tell it here, but he is. We were there cause I had to buy 1 thing that I forgot the day before (blister bandaids, they only had the scholls brand, and imo don't bother they are crappy), Well what should have been a 15 min trip took over an hour. They were having a 'fresh food people' fair and their was colouring in, face painting, and free fruit. Miles hogged, and I mean hogged the watermelon. He ate 90% of the watermelon, it was quite funny. In fact they woolies employee had to take a photo of the tray to prove that my boy at most of it. He was chowing it down.
I just love how he is looking at it. Cute as. And yes he does try to be my little helper. Bless him.


30 Days of My Kids - Day 29

29Jun2012_3762 by LoveMicreations
29Jun2012_3762, a photo by LoveMicreations on Flickr.
Last day of school for the term (and semester). Having an indoor picnic lunch in Kayla's prep room.

Had the flash for this one. Caused a blue hue in her eyes, which I of course edited out.
I still need practice with flash, but sometimes you just get it right.
The lighting with Miles was spot on and doesn't look like I used the flash at all.
Yes grubby face and all, that's my boy.


Monday, July 2, 2012

See the difference

sooc+edited by LoveMicreations
sooc+edited, a photo by LoveMicreations on Flickr.

I took this photo of my boy because I wanted to capture the moment (ok so I didn't get him looking up as I was wanting, but I still like it, cause you can see his top). I did not change my settings and it ended way over exposed. The image on the left is straight out of the camera aka sooc. The image on the right is my edited image. If you didn't see it sooc then I highly doubt that you would have been able to tell.

So why am I showing this. Well for a different reasons. 1. images can be saved, 2. shoot raw, 3. choose a photographer who knows what they are doing.

So just because you're friend down the road has a 'fancy' camera doesn't mean they know what they are doing. Choose a professional - choose me :D


Sunday, July 1, 2012

30 Days of My Kids - Day 28

28Jun2012_3798 by LoveMicreations
28Jun2012_3798, a photo by LoveMicreations on Flickr.
I can't believe how quickly this month has gone! Day 28 already!

2 images today cause well I couldn't decide and well I wanted to include my girl as well.

Here is Miles playing 'red remover' aka the 'yeah' game, Just love his look of concentration.

And Kayla, my poser.


30 Days of My Kids - Day 27

27Jun2012_3752 by LoveMicreations
27Jun2012_3752, a photo by LoveMicreations on Flickr.
It's not the greatest image in the world, but it's the only one I liked that was in focus. The images I did like the focus was off. Sometimes I hate auto focus.

Was doing some gardening with my boy to fill some time before we got his sister from school. Don't worry I was supervising him with the clippers, that and they are not very sharp, and he is cutting a succulent, and are very soft.
He loves helping his mum. Kayla got upset when she got home when she found out we had been gardening and she hadn't. Will have to do it more often then.


30 Days of My Kids - Day 26

26Jun2012_3734 by LoveMicreations
26Jun2012_3734, a photo by LoveMicreations on Flickr.
Sometimes it just about the details. Sometimes we miss details and then when we want them it's way too late.

I was experimenting with my flash. I don't use it often, and when I don't use it for a while I get out of practice and it takes me a while to get the settings right.

Here Miles was sitting on the coffee table. He normally sits on the green chair (background). He was playing with my phone. He loves playing the games on there. It was cold, can you tell by the alpaca jumper. But I love the texture and the colour and the way his hand is placed just so.