Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 171 - 21st June 2010

Kiddies playing with the extremely wet sandpit, but having fun all the same.

Yes I know they are not looking at the camera, but well it's more of a happy snap.

Day 170 - 20th June 2010

Miles loves to try to feed you if he has the chance. And well he is a very sharing caring person.

Here he is sharing his apple with Kayla.

Day 169 - 19th June 2010

This tree is at Cato Park, I remember that much.

Day 168 - 18th June 2010

Hopping into the car to go to the hairdressers.

Kayla loves going to the hairdressers! Every time we walk past the hairdressers she asks if she is going to get her hair cut (even the day after she has it cut).

This is Kayla pre-cut.

The hair cut only cost $10, and the lady layered it and styled it and it looks so cute... you'll see a post cut in the next couple of posts :D

Day 167 - 17th June 2010

Beautiful Kayla being her happy bubbly self

Day 166 - 16th June 2010

Yes I'm aware he is quite grubby, but he followed me into the BLT. He loves closing doors. In fact he is very particular about it. Always has to ensure doors are closed. It's very cute.

so if you look you can see he is closing the door of the washing machine.

Day 165 - 15th June 2010

Miles is such a mummy's boy! He loves being held by me. Which don't get me wrong I love him, but gez he gets heavy after a while. And well he refused to come off the hip for me to take a photo of him.
So he is on my hip and I had to hold the camera a certain way in one hand and then hold him in the other arm. Made sure he was facing the sun, hence the beautiful warm glow.

sure he has crumbs on his face, but just look at the beautiful smile!

Day 164 - 14th June 2010

I think this tree is on the way to the playground at Cato Park, I honestly don't remember though. It might even be one of the trees at the school. I should pay more attention :P

Day 163 - 13th June 2010

Today is my Birthday! I'm 30... not wait I'm 21 for the 9th time ;)

Me with my little boy :D

Day 162 - 12th June 2010

I just love how deep in thought Miles is.

But then again it's Miles and what's not to love about him?

Day 161 - 11th June 2010

The fake "front" door.

This door has also featured many times in my blog. But I just like the lines, and it was the best out of the bunch for the day.

Day 160 - 10th June 2010

I had a seriously uninspired day. All the images I took were just so bland and boring. But I have to post something right?

Fooled around with the processing in this one, just so it adds a bit of interest.

Day 159 - 9th June 2010

Sure it was cold, but it wasn't raining, and well the kids love to play outside. I have to admit it's so handy having the school playground so close. As soon as school is out we go over there and play. Kayla has also befriended some of the school kids, and loves playing with them.

I love this shot of Kayla. I just love her expression. But I also love the curved lines on the asphalt.

Day 158 - 8th June 2010

All the photo's i took for the day were mediocre. This one was the 1st one I took for the day, but there is something about it that I like. Sure it's blurry (forced the flash off), but the black and white processing gives it a bit of drama... that's not the word I'm looking for but my words aren't with me today :P

Day 157 - 7th June 2010

The fuji camera is so limiting with photo's, doesn't give me the flexibility like my dslr gives me.

It's 9.24pm and I realise that I haven't taken a photo. I look around the house to see what I can take, that wont be blown out by the inbuilt flash.

Came up with the light in my bedroom.

Day 156 - 6th June 2010

I could have done a better portrait, but the fuji camera isn't designed for portrait work. Still I like the contrast of colours.

oh and that necklace WAS mine. Kayla stole it, ok well borrowed it and claimed it as hers. She loves it, and it was made by me.

Day 155 - 5th June 2010

Miles woke up from his nap and he was just miserable. He was hot (even though it was freezing), and just not himself. Took his temperature. It only took seconds for it to tell me he had a fever of 39+

he wasn't interested in boob, but guzzled down some water at least, 5 mins later he fell asleep like this. My poor little boy, I hated seeing him so miserable.

Day 154 - 4th June 2010

We were at the botanical gardens playground in Horsham. It's a really nice playground in my opinion.
Photo was taken in the morning, hence the beautiful warm winter light that glows on my beautiful little boy.

Day 153 - 3rd June 2010

The 'Real' front door, has featured many times in my blog. I just like the lines, and well I like the contrast of all the different off whites and the bright orange shoes of miles.

Day 152 - 2nd June 2010

Off to Kinda we go. Not the best photo in the world, but it was the best one out of the bunch. Kayla loves kinda. She loves taking baby with her too.

Day 151 - 1st June 2010

Kayla riding her beloved bike.

Day 150 - 31st May 2010

We were walking from the gym going towards the supermarket. This plant was growing over a fence. I have no idea what it is, but I thought it was pretty.

Day 149 - 30th May 2010

Miles just being Miles

Day 148 - 29th May 2010

I had promised the kids that I would take them to the park. But every time I opened the door to go it was raining. They were getting so bored inside, so as soon as it let up we went.
We took the stale bread to feed the ducks, moore hens, and the (aggressive swan!). So the image/s are a storyboard of our little adventure.
Boy was it cold! But we still had fun. Kayla hated the swan. I don't blame her, this swan was a bully! I swear it was hunting you down just to get the bread. Miles was like "I'm not scared of you", he was not scared of it at all.

oops... i did it again

I hear you sing "i played with you're heart"... ok so I don't mean Britney Spears :p

I haven't updated this blog in a long time. I've been distracted with other things.

I will try to update it more often, cause i have my beloved camera back! Yay me!

So lots of updating! I've been up since 4.30am, yes you read right.... coffee is starting to wear off now... and I have no more milk... coffee with no milk... yeah no thanks.

So lots of updating to do, so watch this space :D