Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sneak Peaks!

I've been working hard (not hardly working) this month, and that is why I haven't updated as often as I would have liked. Updating the blog was on the lower end of my list of priorities.
But now that my sessions have finished for the year (I am taking bookings for 2011), I figure it's time I give you some sneak peaks.

These Sneak Peaks are not in the order I shot them, the are just they way they uploaded to photobucket. Click on the images to make them bigger.

The G Family
This was a 2 session shoot, a Family session and then a smash cake. Master O however was not interested in cake, and preferred to eat his cookie, still make for some very cute shots. This sneak peak is of the family. You can just see the love. 

The T Family (again)
I few weeks before this shoot, I shot the T family (Grandmother and her son, and their son), so again the T family but the other son. I took lots of photo's on this day. But that's to be expected when you have lots of people. Master A is in green and Master Z is in blue (they are the twins), then there was Master M, who was cheeky in his own way. 

The A Family
This photo shoot was done in 30 minutes (i normally allocate 45 mins to an hour). However because I was not dealing with kids under 5 the shoot ran really smoothly. 

Miss C - Cake Smash
This was suppose to be an outdoor cake smash, but it decided to rain that day, and lots of rain. However by the time the shoot came around the rain stopped, but everything was too wet. So we did this indoors. Shooting indoors has been a really learning curve for me but I still captured the moment. 

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