Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 77 - 20th Mar 2010

I never usually post the day's photo on the actual day. But seeing that some of my facebook friends wanted to see Kayla's new skirt, I figured it can do for the photo of the day.


It's a 3 tired skirt. You can't really tell that it's 3 tired though because all 3 tires are the same colour. She does have the exact same skirt in purple, with the middle tire being of a contrasting colour. She loves it.
She was so excited when I showed her the skirt was done.

I actually had saved this fabric for myself, but she picked it when I showed her the fabrics I had. I was just as well, because I wouldn't have had enough of the other fabric. This skirt has 1.2m of fabric. You wouldn't think it but it does.

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