Wednesday, February 3, 2010

1st day

Today was Kayla's 1st day at kinda. And Miles 1st day in day care.

Miles woke up at 5.30am! "Great" I thought, now he wont go to sleep until 9, which is the time to drop him off).
Kayla slept in until nearly 8am! Woot! Go Kayla, and I had do drama's with her with her cloth nappy (I want to get rid of plastic nappies for good, so she needs to get use to the idea of cloth at night). Hmm wait she must have slept to around 7.30, because I remember putting miles to bed around 7.30. He was sooking about it but he fell asleep, thank god. So we left around 9.30 to go to day care. I dropped Miles off and he was off playing, you could tell he was like 'ooh new toys to play with'. Then I took Kayla down to the kinda room. It wasn't an official kinda day (which was lame really), just an interview, but it wasn't an interview. I filled out some paper work and Kayla just played, did lots of craft and drawings and paintings. Oh she is going to love it!
Got a free hat, kayla picked a red one, good choice I say. I might pick her up a jumper or a t-shirt. I think a jumper might get more wear though. Oh we'll see.

Once kayla's intro session was over we went home and had lunch. Kayla was so cute she was like 'we go get mile' so 12.30 we left and went to pick up Miles. When we were walking down the corridor, I could hear a baby sooking, as I got closer, I saw it was Miles. He had seen us and was so happy he just wanted mum straight away. He was so happy to see both of us, gave me cuddles, and he gave kayla a pat on the head. He had a great time. So much so he got yogurt all in his hair... yeah seriously all in his hair. That boy loves his yogurt, just like his sister. Carers said he had a great time, didn't like wearing his hat though while they were outside though. Kayla was the same (until we got her a dora hat), so I'm hoping Miles will eventual learn to like wearing hats.

We got home and had snacks all round. Miles went to bed around 2, and didn't wake up until 3.30ish. Then we all got into swimmers... well I did, they got into undies (their swimmers were being washed) and had a play in the wading pool, it was so refreshing, it's so nice to have.

So next wednesday they will both be in care, and I'll have the morning to myself. now what to do wednesday mornings. Might go for a swim.

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