Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 33 - 2nd Feb 2010

It was a hot on here 35 degrees and boy did we feel it! I need to get the pipe replaced on the portable air con so we can use it in the living room. That's on my list of things to do.... I swear it's never ending :p
It's just as well we have a lil pool. We all jumped in and had a play. Then Miles started to sook, and sook super bad. There were 2 reasons why he was sooking. 1 he was thirsty and wanted boob. 2. He had done a poo (he was wearing a nappy so it's not like the poo went all over the pool/water).
So after a feed and a bum change we were all sitting down at the back (aka the real front of the house), and having a snack. This is where I took these photo's.

I just love the looks on there faces. Kayla looks like she is so bored and is just sitting there have a smoko (she's not she was eating a noodle snack).
And then there is Miles, with noodles all over him, dirt, and best of all booger snail trails lol.
I did little to no editing on this one. I tried different techniques but it just was't working, so I decided to just leave it as is. (slightly adjusted levels, but that's it).

This is the other image. I like the simplicity of it. Oh and yes Miles is wearing a cloth nappy. Yes I do cloth in this house, and yes I know you may think that I'm crazy, but I'm saving the world one nappy at a time. And no it's not extra work washing nappies.
This is the brand of nappies that Miles is wearing.

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  1. I actually forward the last photo to Alisha of baby safari. She adored it. She's trying to set up a customer gallery on her website so her customers can show their kiddies wearing her products.