Thursday, February 11, 2010


After dropping the kids off in care (daycare/kindy and then their nana moo's) I jumped on the bus and then the train, and headed into Melbourne.

By the time I got to the hotel I was STARVING. Sure I had some snacks and an early lunch (more like brunch as it was 10.30 when I had something), but by 3pm I was ready to chew off my arm. I didn't cave in and go the junk route. Could easily had, but decided nope, I'm going to go to my favourite Vietnamese restaurant Mekong. Ordered a char-grilled pork noodle soup and a (home made) lemon iced tea. Total cost $13.50. I should mention that the soup was huge, and I didn't finish it.
Was stuffed after my linner (lunch/dinner). Walked over to Melbourne Central to go to borders. Picked up 2 books 'french women don't get fat', which I have been wanting for ages, but every time I go there to get it they never have it! And another book, but for the life of me I can't remember... I'll update this when I remember the name of it.
Then walked over to QV to go to big W to get some photo's printed. However as it was already 5pm (yeah i know where the hell did the time go?) and printing was going to take a min of 2 hours, I decided that I wasn't going to order them and just continue walking around town.
Ended up going to DFO at Southern Cross station. I should have gone there when I got off the train, but I didn't want to lug my backpack around and I didn't want to get fast food, so I caught the tram there. Picked up a bag to convert into a camera bag. It's purple :D, got a free matching coin purse with it as well, which I will put my memory cards in.
I hear you saying 'convert into a camera bag?' Yes that's right, I'm going to convert it. I want a stylish camera bag. I will still use the one I have when I'm going on bush walks, but it's just too daggy for going out. No one in australia Makes camera bags for woman. Sure Camera's Direct have the Jill-E Bags but I'm not forking out $200-$300 for a bag!
So I got this bag and I'm going to make a lining so that my camera and lens fit in it. I'll let you know how it turns out when it's done.

Ok so back to the story.

So after I got my bag I decided to go back to the hotel room and have a rest, as it was nearly 6pm by this stage and I still had to get ready for Taylor Swift.
Rested for a bit had a shower and at 7pm left. Caught a chockers... I mean sardine can full of people tram, to Rod Laver Arena Got in, and waited inline to get some merchandise. I wont tell you how much I spent o_O lol. I felt like I was in line for ages. It ended up being around 30 mins. As I could hear the support act Gloriana, and by the time I got to my seat, they had finished.
Taylor came on stage at around 8.30pm kicking off with 'You belong with me' which i recorded (as I just love this song).

She sang all the songs of her 'Fearless' album and about 4 songs from her debut album 'Taylor Swift'.

She is such a genuine person. I can see why so many young females look up to her. I can also see how many teenage girls love her. Her songs are real, she sings what hundreds and thousands of us girls have felt during puberty and what we go through in high school with boys :p

Three Quaters through the performance she shook it up a bit. We were looking at the stage, and we could hear singing, but she wasn't on the stage. She was actually in the audience! She gave bracelets to some lucky fans, and many, many many fans got to get hugs! (Damn those fans!!!!!)

So after 2 hours, the show was over, but it was AWESOME!!!!

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  1. Whilst I really don't like the style of music she sings, she certainly has beauty and presence. Does she actually play the guitar and piano or are they used more as a prop? Kudos if she really plays.