Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hand Bag Camera Bag Insert

As I had mentioned in a previous post I plan on making a camera bag insert for a hand bag. I would buy a hand bag camera bag, but no one in Australia sells there for a reasonable price. I'm not forking out $300 for a hand bag camera bag!
So I bought a hand bag and now I'm making the insert.

The Handbag

It's aubergine in colour, not black.

Made a paper insert to make sure it fits and is suitable.

paper pattern

making sure it fits into the handbag

Then I measured and cut out my pattern.

Then I measured and cut out the fabric. I should mention crappy fabric for a trial.

Then I started to sew it together. It was then I realised that pattern no 1 would not work.

Slept on it, woke up with a new idea.

Modified the pattern. Cut out more trail fabric (it's just as well I kept remnants! Hooray for hoarding!).

Started sewing it together, and realised, nope this pattern wont work either.

So modified the pattern again.

So now I'm onto my 3rd pattern and my 3rd lot of fabric trials. I decide that I want to get it done so after the kids had a nap I head over to Horsham to go to spotlight.

At spotlight I buy cotton drill fabric. And foam (used in ironing board covers). Total cost $17. But I bought 1m of fabric, which ends up being enough to make 3 inserts (also to allow for stuff ups). the foam comes into sheets of 10 of about 45cm by 35cm. If the kids didn't sleep for so long I would have gone to clark rubber they have the foam on a roll and it's 120cm wide for $9.95.

Get home and pre-wash the fabric.

I cut out the fabric and cut out the foam. I realise that I have to cut the foam smaller than my pattern but I have plenty of foam so it's no loss.

It took about 2 hours to do all the sewing and putting it together.

Hand Bag with Insert - front view

Hand Bag with Insert - side view

Insert with gear


If you would like one then it will cost $25 +postage. This insert is 30cm x 10cm, and will fit, DSLR camera with lens attached, 2 lens/flash as per pictures

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