Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 32 - 1st Feb 2010

Ok well there are going to be 2 images.

1 day 32, and 2, day 31 substitute as I missed my Australia week theme photo.

Day 32 - we were playing outside in the sandpit. For once the wind was blowing Kayla's hair out of her face not into her face. I got some great images. I really like this one. I had to crop it just a little as there was something distracting and it was taking it away from the image, but I still kept the portions.
I was really happy with the photo's I took. I was using manual mode, and I found that I had to over expose all the images by 1 stop for them to look good. Why? Because the light meter was reading the light in the background (was brighter), and not the foreground (this would be the umbrella of the sand pit). I did take a couple of images with the correct metering, but they were just all underexposed in the face.

Day 32 aka day 31 is the clothes line. Now why is this Australian? Because it is an aussie thing to have a Hills Hoist clothes line in the backyard. Ok so it's not the old school metal ones (they don't make them anymore :( but I does fit with the Australia week theme.

for more info on the Hills Hoist click here


  1. The Hills hoist is Definitely part of the typical Australian Backyard I think they are also made in Aus.

  2. Your daughter reminds me of Drew Barrymore, circa E.T., especially in this pic. Gorgeous!