Monday, February 8, 2010

A bit of this a bit of that

What a day today!

Started off just after 6am when Miles woke up. Around 7 Kayla woke up. By 8am she was ready to go to play gym to play with Noah and Clara. 9.15am rolls by and I load the kids in the double pram and we walk to the leisure centre.
Jackie who runs the play gym is a lovely lady and the kids love her (she also teachers water familiarisation). After play gym we walked up to the main drag and watched the excavation going on at Safeway/Woolies (aka supermarket). Walk over to the other supermarket (IGA) as safeway is closed today because of the renovations. Pick up bread as we were down to 2 slices. Get there no wholemeal! What the hell? No wholemeal! Normally it's no white. I don't want toast, I want sandwich slice. I could have gone multigrain, I don't mind the stuff, but kayla is a bit iffy so if I can get wholemeal into her yay! So I picked up a more expensive brand like $3 yeah not happy, get to the check out and of course the wheelchair one is not open. I have to go through the wheelchair lane as the double pram doesn't fit through the other lanes. Ended up waiting about 10 mins just to pay for 2 things! While waiting though I found the last loaf of wholemeal bread. Sweet! Took it.
Went to the pharmacy to pick up my script and to get miles bepanthan. He has got bad nappy rash (you'll find out later why).
After that stopped at Chris n Di's and Kayla had 2 party pies. Early lunch, but hey, she had been good. Then we walked to the railway station (only a slight detour home). Would have taken Kayla too the park but Miles was so tired, and it was getting hot.
At the train station paid for my train ticket so I can get to Taylor Swift on Wednesday! Yay me!
Kayla wanted to see a train, but alas none came :(

Walked home, Miles was dead to the world by the time we got home. I parked the pram at the back/front of the house, as it's under cover and a lot cooler, and let Miles sleep the rest of the time there. (i normally park him at the front/back of the house, but it's not really shaded).

Back/front: really the back door, but everyone comes to this door hence why it's the front door.
Front/back: really the front door, but no one comes to this door as it's at the back part of the lot.
If you saw our house you'd understand. In fact go here and you'll see the real front of the house, but no one comes to this door.

So after Miles had his nap, we all had lunch and icy poles. As I was filling up the pool with water the phone rang. Grabbed it and it was the guy delivering the trampoline! Woot! 5 mins later he was here with the boxes! Yay! Kayla was so excited.
I grabbed some scissors and opened the cartons and started organising things. Looked at the instructions, very simple to follow, but obviously no one did a spell check as the spelling is so bad! like rake instead of take etc.
Didn't set it up straight away as I had to fix the gazebo for the pool. We had bad winds a couple of nights ago and it ripped it apart, nothing too bad, just as well there was water in the pool or the whole thing would have flown away.
Changed the kiddies into their swimmers and we had a good splash around. We had a great time. Kayla had a bit too much love for Miles and he was sooking. As I was picking him up I noticed (as his mouth was wide open), another tooth coming through! His top tooth still refuses to break through the skin! It's there you can see it, but it wont come through. I bet his bottom tooth (the one that I saw) will come through before this top one comes through. It was then the light bulb went off 'oh so this would explain the disgusting nappies the last 2 days and the nappy rash'! Just as well I picked up some bepantham.

I let the kids play some more in the pool while I set up the trampoline. It says 2 to 3 people need to set it up. Hogwash! I did it myself. Ok 95% of it. I got the frame up and put the mat up with 90% of the springs. I would have continued with the springs, but I was tired and my hands hurt from pulling the springs into place. I'll finish it off later. See I don't need a man :p

So now we are all back inside enjoying an icy pole. Ok mine is all gone now, but it was still damn good. Kayla is watching hi-5 must say don't like the new presenters, but such is life. Miles well he is cleaning the toilet. It loves the toilet brush and loves to put it in the toilet. It's his new thing to do lmao.


  1. Yes, Melody likes the toilet brush too...only she likes to handle the bristles after they've been in the toilet D: