Thursday, January 21, 2010

Road Trip - 03.01.10

Today is a very special day. As it's Miles' 1st birthday. See 'Today is is one' thread as well.

Just having banana for breakfast. Don't see what all the fuss is about really.

Opening Presents! Kayla loves opening presents. She wanted to help.

Playing with pressies.

How cool is my car!

Singing Happy birthday

And the cake

We then went to a play centre not far from my parents house. Not a very good play centre for kids Miles' age, not much to play with.
Still he had lots of fun.


  1. Did you make the cake? Looks yummy :)

  2. And comments are working now - yippee!

  3. My mum made the cake. It's a lemon sour cream cake (I gave mum the recipe). And I helped mum decorate it.

    The sprinkles are dinosaurs. We also had dinosaur bread, it couldn't be fairy bread as their were no fairies lol.