Thursday, January 21, 2010

Road Trip - 29.12.09

Kayla was so excited to be going on a train trip. She loves to train spot, so for her to go on a train, well you can guess how excited she was.

Waiting for the train

On the train, just look at that happy face.

We were heading to South Bank, Brisbane. They have a free, yes free!, Water play park and beach. It's called Aquativity. It really does cater for all ages. Kayla loved it, as did Miles. It was busy the day that we went, it was hot, but it was also overcast. Didn't rain while we were there though.

Miles having fun with the water.

Kayla swimming (it's not that deep her hands are actually touching the bottom)

On the way back to the train station we made a pit stop at the playground.

Kayla having fun on the horse singing 'seesaw, Marjory Dore'

That WAS my lolly pop but Miles stole it, He loved it on his gums.

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