Thursday, January 21, 2010

Road Trip - 30.12.09

Our destination for the day was Scarborough Beach. Sorry no fair there, but it would have been cool if there was a fair.

I chose this destination as it was on my list of must see parks.

The playground is very cool, it's pirate orientated! I mean it is next to the beach, so of course that makes sense. There is play equipment to cater for all ages. What I love is they have allowed for try climbing! So if your child likes to climb trees, then climb the climb friendly trees.

The water was a beautiful temperature however rocky, lots of rocks, so not so good on your feet. Either way we all had a good time.

Photo's taken by my husband Adam

Kayla having fun in the sand

Ximena (aunty e) chasing Kayla

Have you seen my baby go this way and that way?

Splash in the water with mum

Lounging on the beach

I love the perspective on this one.

Kayla running in the water

Miles checking out the sand.

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