Thursday, January 21, 2010

Road Trip - 01.01.10

The 1st day of the new year!

We drove to the Gold Coast. I don't remember the name of the beach now (not without looking it up, which I will do later).

Kayla fell asleep on the way there.

God love her

Miles was having a good old time.

We got to the beach and changed into our swimmers. I told Kayla that if she was in distress in the water to wave her hands up in the air.

"like this mum?"

Miles absolutely loved the beach! He had a great time, crawling around everywhere and having a sticky beak. Kayla didn't like it so much. She didn't like the big waves.

Can you clap your hands?

Eating and drinking the beach, that's how much he loved it.

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  1. Great beach Pics! Love the one of Kayla with her arms wide open~, and miles drinking Sand water. haha