Thursday, January 21, 2010

Road Trip - 02.01.10

Another hot and humid day in Brisbane. Didn't have anything planned, but Kayla was getting bored, so we decided to go to a playground near Chermisde shopping centre. It's a very cool playground that was build by the community for the community. It's designed for all different ages and it shows.

Going up the balance ladder

Swinging on the monkey bars

Checking out what is up there.
Yes I'm aware her hair is very wild. It doesn't matter how much I brush it or wash it (it can go 3 weeks without a wash too), it just goes wild. the only thing I can do to stop it going like that is to tie her hair back which she doesn't really like, but I just tell her I have to wash her hair and that makes her have it back. Kayla hates having her hair washed. Why? It hurts her eyes.
But her hair does make for interesting photo's as it gives it a glow.

When we got home and had a bit of a clean up, Kayla helped her Abuela (my mum) to make empanadas. Yum empanadas! Kayla loves to help cook and clean.

And where was Miles? Where else but the stairs of course.

Now for some photo's of the family having quite time.

Miles is happy, can't you tell he is clapping. Or maybe that's because he is getting time with his Aunty E.

Time with daddy

Adam aka Daddy

Just chilling

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