Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 23 - 23rd Jan 2010

Another day of not taking many photo's. I have had my sister come to visit so we have been having fun together.

Last night we missed the opportunity to take some really cool photo's of the sky. The moon was red! It was read because of a bush fire out near Rose's Gap.
We went up to big hill at about 10pm last night, but every man and his dog was out there. There were about 50 cars and 100 people, all doing what we wanted to do, take a photo.
So we ended up coming home, but at least we got to see it, but alas no photo.

So tonight I decided to get the tripod out (I handily left it at the front door), and walked down to the corner (yes we are on a corner, but another corner, as this street is busier), and set up the camera. Put the camera on bulb (suxs having to hold the release, need a shutter release, might have to look into getting that set up) and then just waited. Ok so I counted and waited.

I've never taken a 2 minute photo before. The longest exposure I have ever taken has been about 20 seconds. Also I have never taken a long exposure in colour! It's always been black and white.

So this is why today's image is in sepia (just do be different lol).

I had loads of fun, and I will be doing 'bulb' photos again that's for sure!

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